Why Would a Lesbian Like Gay Porn?

I’m a lesbian with a dirty little secret. I haven’t told my girlfriend or my best friend. But when I search for porn online I always end up going for the gay male stuff. What’s up with that? I worked for 14 years in a queer, feminist, co-operatively owned sex shop. One of the most radical … Read more

Should You Have Sex With Your Ex?

There are plenty of online surveys about how many of us have sex with someone we’ve broken up with. One of the few scientific studies that asked the same question found that 53% of people reported having sex with an ex at some point in their life. In the heat of the moment the question usually boils … Read more

What Is Better Sex and How to Have It

Depending on where you are in your life, your sexual goals and priorities may be more about finding someone to have sex with, than how to have better sex. But those who have a regular sexual partner (or more than one) often eventually turn to the question of how to have better sex. You can tell that this is a … Read more

Five Ways to Get More of the Sex You Want

If you’re answer to this question is: “d’uh, the sex I want is sex!” or “I want the best sex there is!” we may have found the first obstacle in your quest for better sex. Even though sex gets talked about like it’s a consumer product, something that is replicable (a blow job is a blow … Read more